Making Kanzashi Flower

Make kimono fabric flowers with an artist

A handmade souvenir to bring home will be awesome. make a Japanese traditional accessary with KIMONO fabrics

This is a workshop to learn Tsumami-zaiku.

It is the art of making small, folded cloth(Kimono) flowers, traditional craft.

Wearing a Haori, Drinking powdered green tea made by yourself.

In our workshop, you make a Kanzashi flower (hair ornament) or clips using real kimono fabric.

Once you have mastered this technique, you will be able to make a nice ornament with your favorite cloth after you return home.

Entry fee : ¥4,000-

The time required : 90min

About Kanzashi Flower

- History -

What is Kanzashi flower Tumami-zaiku?

One of the traditional crafts of Japan born in the Edo period, a decoration that is made by combining Kimono Silk cut into small squares.

It is called "the silk" by pinching a finger with tweezers and making it, without using a needle or thread.

The ornament was made of  the old clothes of the kimono in Edo period.

They are used not only as hair ornaments but also as earrings and pendants.

- How to enjoy -

What is Kanzashi flower Tumami-zaiku?

You can use it when you have a kimono experience in Japan, or make it a souvenir of the family.

You used that technique to make your work in various fabrics in your home country.

You can enjoy.

Steps to work

1. Choose kimono fabric

(The color of Petals and Temari thread ball)

2. Decide on a design

(Kanzashi or 2wayclip)

3. Making petals

(The color of Petals and Temari thread ball)

4. Making Temari thread ball

5. Assemble all parts

(The color of Petals and Temari thread ball)

6. Making Matcha green tea and drink

7. Wearing a Haori then Photo session

(The color of Petals and Temari thread ball)


Notes on reservation

  • The experience time is 90 minutes.
  • Drinking tea & photo time is 30minutes 
  • Work shop is Total 2 hours.
  • Accepted from 6 years old or older,but children under 12 years of age parents should join together.
  • Workshop generally consist of two to five people
  • In some cases, you may not be the only party participating in the workshop. As such, please take care not to arrive late.
  • Your workshop may be cancelled if you are over 15 minutes late. Thank you for your understanding.
  • If you use reading glasses, please make sure to bring them to your workshop.

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