Decorating Kanji Sticker

Deco to Smartphone and PC

In the Japan, it is popular to decorate a mobile phone, a wallet, a pencil, a business card case, and a computer with rhinestones.

Decorations with rhinestone and glitter. Kanji Deco in a special sheet that can be used many times.If the adhesive power is eliminated, you wash it with water, it will revive. A strange sheet made of Japan.

Entry fee : ¥4,000-

The time required : 90min

Steps to work

1. Choose Kanji. Find out the meaning of it

2. Determine the color of the rhinestone

3. Deco practice with the initials of the name

4. Practice to shake glitter

5. Deco in Kanji

6. Making Matcha green tea and drink

7. Photo session


Notes on reservation

  • The experience time is 90 minutes.
  • Drinking tea & photo time is 30minutes.
  • Work shop is Total 2 hours.
  • Accepted from 6 years old or older, but children under 12 years of age parents should join together.
  • Workshop generally consist of two to five people.
  • In some cases, you may not be the only party participating in the workshop. As such, please take care not to arrive late.
  • Your workshop may be cancelled if you are over 15 minutes late. Thank you for your understanding.
  • If you use reading glasses, please make sure to bring them to your workshop.

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