Maiko Craft Shin-Osaka

1 min walk from JR Shin-Osaka Station East Exit 11

Unizone Shin-Osaka #819, 1-20-12 Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 533-0033, Japan

TEL: 050-5361-7705

LINE@: @akn4896s

Email: info@maikocraftjapan.com

< From Shin-Osaka Station East Exit 11 >

<1> On the ground, there is a building with an IGIN sign in front of you.

<2> Room 819 on the eighth floor of this building.

<3> Go to the entrance in the middle.

<4> There is an elevator when going as it is.

<5> Find the signboard of MaikoCraft, please come in.

< How to get from Shin-Osaka Station to MaikoCraft(East Exit 11) >


8 minutes away from OSAKAMETRO Midousuji Line Shin-Osaka Station, Please walk out from Exit 5 Naka Gate and then go to the third floor.

(Subway ShinOsaka station is on the second floor.) find out JR East, go until the end of the road East Exit 11


3minutes away from JR Shin-Osaka Station,East Gate. Though East Gate,Turn left ,Go until the end of the road find out East Exit 11


Pass the ticket Gate of JR (Don't forget to get your ticket back and take it.)

Go to JR East Exit ticket gate.Please go through the JR East exit gate to the Exit 11.

< How to Shin-Osaka Station >

From Osaka Station (Umeda)

  • JR Kyoto Line (4 minutes/¥160)
  • OSAKAMETRO Midosuji Line (6 minutes/¥240)

From Namba Station

  • OSAKAMETRO Midosuji Line (16 minutes/¥280)

From Kyoto Station

  • JR Kyoto Line (25 minutes/¥560)

From Kansai International Airport

  • JR Airport Express HARUKA
    (50 minutes/¥2,330 with limited express ticket)
  • JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service
    Transfer at Osaka Station to JR Kyoto Line (70 minutes/¥1,340)
  • Nankai Limited Express  Rapi:t
    Transfer at Namba Station to OSAKAMETRO Midosuji Line (70 minutes/¥1,660 with limited express ticket)
  • Airport Shuttle Bus
    Transfer at Osaka Station to JR Kyoto Line (Approximately 70 minutes/¥1,710)

From Osaka (Itami) Airport

  • Airport Shuttle Bus(25 minutes/¥500)