About us

Want to know the culture of Japan in the workshop

A souvenir of your precious journey. May your Japan journey be a Lifetime memory.

The three workshops we offer Adults and children alike can enjoy.

Every workshop includes an experience of making matcha and drinking it.

Family, couples, friends, anyone can join together.

You can experience Japan traditional culture in a short time. Because it is in a convenient place called Shin-Osaka Station. It is also a good idea to participate in a workshop before moving to Kyoto or Tokyo.

Also, on the last day of the trip, you made a wonderful souvenir at the workshop and returned home. You can use your time effectively.


Main Instructor

Emiko Fujii

There are a lot of women with high technology and qualifications in Japan. For a long time, women quit their jobs for raising children and families after their marriage was a Japan habit. Many women are not only in the house, but also want to contribute to society by working as a worthwhile life. 

And MaikoCraft is trying to connect with the world. We  hope to be able to help you make a wonderful trip in Japan.

Foreign tourists say well. Even if she forgot her wallet in the toilet of the station, but she forgot her cell phone at the shop, she was delivered to the police in Japan. It is the hospitality and the heart of Japan.I wanted people from all over the world to know, to come to play, and to help to make memories of a wonderful trip and to create a maikocraft.


Yuka Anna Noda

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