Enjoy Japan! Feel Japan!

Join us our Work Shop! making Japanese traditional art craft. Original work is perfect for your souvenia.

Very welcome everyone in Shin-Osaka "MaikoCraft".


Making Kanzashi Flower

Making Tsumami Zaiku flowers, Japanese traditional accessary with KIMONO fabrics,creat Kanzashi.clip.accessories. Include of making Matcha green tea yourself and drink it!

Entry fee : ¥4,000-

Painting Fox Mask Kitsune

Painting your own "Kitsune" fox mask, Kitsune are the messenger servants of the deity Inarieasy. Painting easy to do for children. Include of making Matcha green tea yourself and drink it! 

Entry fee : ¥4,000-

Decorating Kanji Sticker

Making reusable sparking Kanji sticker. Decorate Kanji sticker with Rhinestones and Glitter. You can use it, whatever you want! Include of making Matcha green tea yourself and drink it!

Entry fee : ¥4,000-

About us

For the best memories of your Japan trip

Helping you create fantastic memories of your trip to Japan. We want you to feel the Special experience of Japanese culture and learning about the history of Japanese culture. We want my friends from all over the world to know the wonderful Japan through the WorkShop.


We are traditional art craft experts organization.but also housewives. We know everything about Japan. cooking shopping eating etc. We can answer the question of your journey.

People who want to experience a variety of Japan, Come join our workshop? 

Opportunities for taking photographs will be highlighted throughout. Enjoyable experience with children!


Maiko Craft Shin-Osaka

1 min walk from JR Shin-Osaka Station East Exit 11

Unizone Shin-Osaka #819, 1-20-12 Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 533-0033, Japan

address:大阪府大阪市東淀川区東中島1-20-12 ユニゾーン新大阪819

TEL: 050-5361-7705

LINE@: @akn4896s

Email: info@maikocraftjapan.com


07. December 2018

Special Plan for Homepage Limited【You can do 2workshops!】

We have a special plan for those who want to experience all two workshops.

Choose two of Kanzashiflower, PaintMask, KanjiSticker